Ride Intensity Levels and Guidance

If you are a beginner-cyclist, or an experienced cyclist who enjoys challenging climbs on mountainous roads; you may find good riding with Fort Collins Cycling Club

One may find many of them on the Calendar of Events

This club is not for an unattended beginner cyclist, except on Easy/Green_Circle rides.  Riders who are not self-sufficient, or cannot (be expected to) keep-up with our typical cyclists, must be with a responsible (adult) cyclist.  Also, their parent or guardian must complete a Minor Waiver on their behalf.
Bicycle trailer is not allowed, except on Easy/Green_Circle rides. 

Ride Categories

If you want to add a slower or faster level group; please, request it be included by the Recreational Rides Director; or, post it as a comment on Facebook.


Distance: Typically 20 miles or less
Average speed: Less than 14-mph on relatively flat terrain with no wind
Terrain: Flat, or nominal hills
Pace-lines: Not expected 
Ride Leader/Sweeper: Should, always be one

: Typically 20 to 40 miles.
Average speed: 14- to 17-mph on relatively flat terrain with no wind
Terrain: Flat, or rolling terrain with infrequent short climbs
Pace-lines: Possible, but not expected

: Typically 40 to 60 miles.
Average speed: 17- to 20-mph on relatively flat terrain with no wind
Terrain: May have moderate or long climbs
Pace-lines: Expected and beneficial

Distance: Typically 60 miles or longer
Average speed: 20-mph or faster on relatively flat terrain with no wind
Terrain: Probably to include steep or long climbs
Pace-lines: Expected and probably necessary

Note: anticipated speed is an indication of anticipated intensity: Actual average speed may be affected by wind and other factors.

(For example: Actual average speed may be less than 14-mph, or more than 17-mph, on a ride which is rated BLUE_SQUARE!)

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