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Safety/Essential Information

As stated in FCCC's Ride Guidelines, your first responsibility as a participant in rides/events provided by the Fort Collins Cycling club is your own personal safety.  

ACKNOWLEDGE: You are solely responsible for your own safety.  

FCCC's Safety Policies, and the conditions for participation stated in the waiver should be obeyed.  If conditions are unsafe; it is your responsibility to stop doing that activity.  Ride Organizers, Ride Starters, or Ride Leaders are not responsible the safety of Ride Participants.


Please, periodically review our Ride Guidelines.

If you have recommendations for improving rides; 

contact the Recreation Ride Committee or FCCC's Board of Directors.


Printed route maps are not provided by FCCC. 

If you want a printed route map or cue sheet;

then, use map link for route map or cue sheet (to print), 
or turn-by-turn directions download for GPS device
More detailed maps are available from FCCC, by request.



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