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Ride Organizer Responsibilities

As a Ride Organizer you are not responsible for the safety of Ride Participants (refer to point one of Ride Participant Responsibilities), but you are responsible for the following.

  1. Complete and submit a Proposed Ride Form to the Recreation Ride Committee. This requirement does not apply to Ride Organizers who have a standing ride form approved by the Recreation Rides Committee.
  2. With the exception of Show and Go rides, when a route will be determined at the beginning of the ride, use a publicly accessible ride program to plan your route so that Ride Participants can print the route and/or download it to a GPS device.
  3. Give safety factors (e.g., traffic volume and road construction) careful consideration in planning your route. Avoidance of bike paths is recommended particularly during times of high volumes of pedestrian traffic (i.e., small group Green Circle rides may be an exception).

Ride Starter(s) Responsibilities

As noted in point one of Ride Participant Responsibilities, Ride Starters and Ride Leaders are not responsible for the safety of Ride Participants. Neither are you required to make sure Ride Participants have prepared for the ride (e.g., making sure everyone has appropriate water/food, clothing, etc.), nor are you required to have a sign-in sheet or collect emergency contact information. You are, however, responsible for the following.

  1. Ask if everyone is a member of FCCC. Non-members are extended the courtesy of one free ride, but they must sign a waiver form.
  2. Waiver forms must be completed for either non-members, or family members under the age of 18.
  3. Conduct a pre-ride briefing, including a review of the route and any regroup points, the anticipated pace, and if there are Ride Starters or Ride Leaders who will try to maintain a set pace. You are not required to repeat this information for Ride Participants who do not arrive in time for the pre-ride briefing.
  4. If feasible, count the number of Ride Participants at the pre-ride briefing so that a head count may be reassessed if/when regroup points are part of the ride plan.
  5. Be open to suggestions for improving safety conditions either during the pre-ride briefing or during the ride. Near the end of the ride, or in a post-ride discussion, please ask the Ride Participants for comments about the overall ride experience or any safety concerns.
  6. After the ride, make arrangements to forward any completed waiver forms and/or post-ride comments to the Recreation Ride Committee.

Ride Leader(s) Responsibilities

Only Green Circle and other specifically designated "no drop" rides have Ride Leaders.

As noted in point one of Ride Participant Responsibilities, Ride Leaders are not responsible for the safety of individual Ride Participants.

All Ride Starter responsibilities apply to Ride Leaders. In addition, the Ride Leader(s) should try to keep the group together (or sub-groups) and that there is a Sweeper. Explain how SAG (Support and Gear) will work, if applicable.

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