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We offer a variety of riding opportunities, throughout the year. A factor in enjoying riding with us is understanding our Ride Intensity Level designations.

Please, ensure any ride you are participating-in is alright for you; and, you understand our Ride Guidelines.

Please, contact our Recreation Rides Director if you have questions.

The rides listed here are covered by insurance through the League of American Bicyclists (LAB).

When  Where Description

 Weekly Rides
(various locations)
Types: Advance-paced or Moderate-paced

See our calendar and Facebookfrequently-scheduled for Thursdays and Sundays.

Seasonal Series

 Daylight Saving Time

(see Club Calendar)

  Trek Bicycle, store south

931 E Harmony Road

Types: Advance-paced or Moderate-paced or Ease-paced
        [Note: Ease-paced rides are featured, April-through-August.] 
Late-Tuesday-afternoon rides beginning near Trek, Harmony Market Shopping Center.
Please, join us at Ryan's Sports Grill for our after-ride gathering.

Trek of Fort Collins

CSU Ride Series

 April to


Ammons Hall,

University Welcome Center,

711 Oval Drive, south lawn

Types: Moderate-paced or Ease-paced

Late-afternoon, some Thursdays.

Suggested parking is free near the Lory Student Center in the Engineering Parking Lot, Monday through Friday, after 4 PM; (and, weekends): Parking Lots 310 or 315.


Sunday Ride/Brunch

April, May, June, July, August, September

The Pavilion, 920 W Plum Street, south side plaza, Colorado State University

Type: Ease-paced

These (six) once-a-month Sunday-morning ride-and-brunches are typically less-than-seventeen-miles on bike-trails and low-traffic streets; beginning at nine-o'clock from The Pavilion, Colorado State University.

 Free parking available in Parking Lot 195, just west of Moby Arena.

 Free after-ride-brunch with pecan rolls from Silver Grill Cafe is hosted by Colorado State University at The Pavilion; paid-for by a club-sponsor.

Reservations are required via our calendar.


May, June, July, and September

 (See our Calendar.)

Types: Advance-paced or Moderate-paced or Ease-paced

In-season, late-afternoon rides are usually one-Thursday-a-month; hosted at some member's residence. FCCC provides our food and soft-drinks:

Five-dollars-each for our food and drinks is payable at the dinner. 

Reservations for fare are required. Guests are allowed, too. 

 The Morning Ride


(usually from Ryan's Sports Grill)

Types: Advance-paced or Moderate-paced 

Ad-hoc rides which may occur any day, any time. If you are a member of Fort Collins Cycling Club; you may sign-up on our Band group: https://band.us/band/71612825

Contact: vicepresident@fccycleclub.org

Ad Hoc

Green Circle

Year-round (to be determined)

Type: Ease-paced

Ad hoc, usually with one-day notice; and, are much on bike trails in Fort Collins. 

 Route and start-time may be determined by any (Bandmember.

 If you are a member of Fort Collins Cycling Club; you may sign-up for our Band group: https://band.us/band/71849637. 

 Contact: vicepresident@fccycleclub.org.

Friday Afternoon Cycling


During the school year
 (to be determined)

Type: Moderate-paced

These rides are on random mid-afternoon-Fridays; often starting in the parking lot at 4th Street and Railroad Avenue, Loveland with an after-ride gathering at Cactus Grill.

These rides are coordinated via email; so, contact us to join this group.

FCCC - Fort Collins Cycling Club

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