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Fort Collins Cycling Club (FCCC) is a bicycling club whose mission is to support and encourage recreational road cycling enthusiasts in-and-around Fort Collins with year-round activities that promote participation, safety, education, and advocacy among serious and casual group cyclists.

Safety/Essential Information

As stated in FCCC's Ride Guidelines, your first responsibility as a participant in rides/events provided by the Fort Collins Cycling club is your own personal safety.  

 Here is a link for an article addressing beginning cycling in many aspects.

 ACKNOWLEDGE each is responsible for their own safety and well-being.  

 FCCC's Safety Policies for participation (stated in the waiver) should be obeyed.  If conditions are unsafe; it is your responsibility to stop doing that.

 FCCC, its Ride Organizers, Ride Starters, or Ride Leaders, are not responsible the safety or well-being of Ride Participants. 


 If you have recommendations for improving rides; contact the Recreation Ride Committee or FCCC's Board of Directors.


This is a road bicycling club; so, an upright road bike with only two wheels is recommended for all except ease-paced rides.

Non-members are welcome to participate in one ride; but, anyone riding in a FCCC event must (electronically) sign our insurance waiver.

Please, review the Essential Information.

Ride With GPS map links enable you to print maps or cue sheets; or, to download turn-by-turn directions to a GPS device.

Any route may be modified by a ride leader; though most rides do not have an official ride leader.

Any ride meeting place is typically in a parking lot by the designated location.
Any ride may be added or deleted; so, check this calendar.
Event descriptions are posted on Facebook, usually a couple-of-days beforehand.

In addition to the ride/events shown on the calendar pageFCCC members can join

FCCC "The Morning Ride" on Band or FCCC Green Circle Rides on Band to schedule, join, and comment-on ride/events.

Some non-FCCC calendars of cycling events:

Bicycle Colorado;

Bike State 38;

Pedal Dancer; and,

Come to Life Colorado.


FCCC - Fort Collins Cycling Club

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