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H.L.; ... Masonville; ... Big Thompson Canyon; C.C.C. (C), or ... Glen Haven; ...: W

  • 06/05/2021
  • 11:00 AM
  • Harmony Library, 4700 S. Shields Street, southwest parking lot

 Briefing at 11 AM, Saturday.

Harmony Library, southwestern area of parking lot, 4700 S Shields Street, 80526.

 C-pace 40-miler with 2730-vertical-feet, a westerly, (W), out-and-back route: ... Larimer County Road 38E; Masonville; ... Big Thompson Canyon Road [U.S.34] to "Colorado Cherry Company," (C.C.C.); U-turn; Big Thompson Canyon Road [U.S.34]; ... Masonville; Larimer County Road 38E; ... Fort Collins.

 C Route Map:

 B-paced 66-miler with 4530-vertical-feet, a westerly (W), out-and-back route: ... Masonville; ... Big Thompson Canyon Road [U.S.34]; Devils Gulch Road [County Road 43] to Glen Haven; {extra 5-miler with 740-vertical-feet, to and from Overlook Ranch driveway(?)}; U-turn; ... Masonville; ... Fort Collins.

 B Route Map

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