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Epically Beckley Sexagenarian's Tour Of Colorado (EBSTOC)

  • 06/17/2018
  • 7:00 AM
  • 06/23/2018
  • near "Ryan's Sports Grill," Harmony Market Shopping Center, Fort Collins, Colorado


  • Fee includes lodging and breakfast, snacks and 2 camp dinners.

Epically Beckley (Scholarship) Sexagenarian's Tour Of Colorado (EBSTOC)

 A fully-supported, seven-day tour for FCCC members. 

 This is a FCCC-sponsored ride; there is to be no-more-than-sixteen 'cyclists allowed.
 Please, before registering, if it is not on the tour-reservation list, already; ask Stephen to list your contact information on the tour-reservation list. A waiting list has been created. 
 The minimum cost is $200 (plus $100), total: 
   A two-hundred-dollars (donation) is to be paid directly to
The Beckley Scholarship Fund at Idaho State University; and, 
 is to be paid to FCCC via PayPal while registering, (to be enabled, eventually), to cover: dedicated support-and-gear (SAG) support;
camping site costs; a reserved-and-shared hotel room in Fairplay, Colorado; luggage transport; aid refreshments at designated stops; (six) morning breakfasts; plus, two camp dinners.
 Participants' (additional) expenses include, but are not limited to: lunches; four 'non-camp' dinners; and, some beverage expenses.

Start: Ryan's Sports Grill, north parking area, Fort Collins.

Map links: 

 Seven-day/462-miler: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26878442

 Some will forego the segment of U.S.285 from Jefferson to Fairplay on day-four; shortening the tour by almost seventeen-mile, to four-hundred-forty-five-mile. 

 If you have questions; please, contact Stephen Beckley.

FCCC - Fort Collins Cycling Club

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