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Ride Leadership Responsibilities

Band Ride Organizer

  • Plan the Route
  • Schedule the ride on the Band App or website and post the route information
  • Serve as Ride Starter and/or Leader for the ride

Ride Starter

  • Ask if everyone is a member of FCCC. Non-members are extended the courtesy of one free ride, but they must complete the Insurance Waiver.
  • Waivers must be completed for either non-members, or family members under the age of 18.
  • Conduct a pre-ride briefing, including:
    • A review of the route and any regroup points. (Ride Starters and/or Ride Leaders my modify the planned route as they see fit. Be sure to communicate the changes.)
    • The anticipated pace
    • Introduce any Ride Leaders and Sweepers for no-drop groups.
  • If feasible, count the number of Ride Participants at the pre-ride briefing so that a head count may be reassessed if/when regroup points are part of the ride plan.
  • Be open to suggestions for improving safety conditions either during the pre-ride briefing or during the ride.

Ride Leader

  • All Ride Starter responsibilities apply to Ride Leaders, but the focus is on a specific pace group rather than the entire ride.
  • Ride Leaders should try to keep their group together. Split into smaller groups based on number of riders or desired pace groups. Designate a leader for each new group.
  • Identify a Sweeper for the group. Sometimes the Sweeper may actually be the Leader of a slower group.

Ride Sweeper

  • Keep track of riders in your group; don't pass the slowest rider
  • Stop to help anyone who needs to stop
  • Get verbal confirmation if someone wants to leave the group and return on their own.
  • Communicate with Ride Leader at regroup points
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