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Rocky Mountain National Park: Beaver Meadows VC; U.S.36; ... Old Fall River Road; Trail Ridge Rd; ...

  • 09/14/2019
  • 8:00 AM
  • Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, U.S.36, two miles west of the town of Estes Park, near Rocky Mountain National Park

 6:45 AM, Loveland Kmart, to arrange carpooling, Saturday.

 Briefing at 8 AM, at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, west end of parking area, on U.S.36, two miles west of the town of Estes Park, just before an entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

 There is Peak to Peak event running concurrently, which may be of interest to you.

 Advance-paced or Moderate-paced (counterclockwise) 38-miler with 5200-vertical-feet.

[https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30834409] Beaver Meadow Visitor Center; enter Rocky Mountain National Park via U.S.36 to Deer Ridge Junction; Fall River Road [U.S.34]; Endovalley Road; Old Fall River Road, (includes an almost nine-mile, sometimes-one-way with automobile traffic, steep gravel road segment) to Alpine Visitor Center; then, ride via Trail Ridge Road [U.S.34] by the Rock Cut; ... U.S.36 from Deer Ridge Junction to Beaver Meadow Visitor Center.

 RMNP road conditions report... 970-586-1222.


 Article on cycling Trail Ridge Road.

 Note: "Old Fall River Road" may be open to bicycles as early as April 1st; but, usually not open to cars until early-July; meanwhile, the eight-mile gravel segment from Endo Park to Alpine Visitor Center lot has two-way bicycle and pedestrian traffic! (See photo, below.)

Photos: "Trail Ridge Road," near "Rock Cut," mid-Spring, (top);

and, "Old Fall River Road" switchback, (bottom).

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