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H.L.; ... Windsor; CO 257; Milliken; CO 60; ... east Loveland; ... (SE, cw)

  • 02/21/2021
  • 11:00 AM
  • Harmony Library, 4700 S. Shields Street, southwestern parking lot

 Briefing at 11:00 A.M., Sunday.  

 Harmony Library, 4700 S. Shields Street, 80526, southwest campus, parking area.

 Advanced-paced or Fast-paced 50-miler with 1600-vertical-feet, southeasterly (SSE) and clockwise (cw). 
 Route: F.R.C.C.; ... Shields Street; Trilby_Road; ... Kechter_Road; ... County Road 5; County Road 32_E; ... Windsor; Colorado_257 to Milliken and through Johnstown on Colorado_60; ... Weld County Road 7; Larimer County Road 7; ... Boyd Lake Avenue, Loveland; ... Timberline Road; Trilby Road; Shields Street; ... parking area, south of Harmony Library, F.R.C.C. campus.

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