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I.B.; ... CR-38E; ... Masonville loop; ...: SW x 2

  • 05/13/2021
  • 6:00 PM
  • 2520 Hampshire Road, 80526, southwestern parking lot by "Intersect Brewing"
 Briefing at 6 PM, Thursday. 

 Location: 2520 Hampshire Road, 80526, southwestern parking lot by "Intersect Brewing".

  A-paced 25-miler with 2100-vertical-feet. 
  ... O
verland Trail street; County Road 42_C; County Road 23 [Centennial Drive]; County Road 38_E; County Road 27; west-to-east on Firethorne Drive, Masonville, (counterclockwise); County Road 25_E [N. Glade Road]; County Road 38_E; ... Spring Canyon Park path; ... Yorkshire Street; ... near "Intersect Brewing"....


 B-paced 25-miler with 1900-vertical-feet.

... Spring Canyon Park recreation path; ... County Road 38E; County Road 27 by "Masonville Mercantile"; west-to-east on Firethorne Drive, Masonville (counterclockwise loop); County Road 25E [North Glade Road]; County Road 38E; ... Spring Canyon Park via path; ... Yorkshire Street; ...  near "Intersect Brewing" lot, southwest of courtyard.

 Bike (marker) lights are recommended.

 Après-bike: an informal gathering at "Intersect Brewing", 2160 W. Drake Road, Unit A1, 80526, east of Hampshire Road.

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