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Rocky Mountain National Park: Fall River Road; Old Fall River Road and/or Trail Ridge Road...

  • 05/27/2018
  • 9:30 AM
  • Fall River Visitor Center, on US_34 approaching Rocky Mountain National Park

Sunday, 7:30 AM, Loveland Kmart, to arrange carpooling.

 Briefing at 8:45 AM, at the Fall River Visitor Center, upper parking area, just before the Rocky Mountain National Park entrance on U.S.34.

 A/♦/Advanced pace and B//Moderated pace 35-miler with 4550-vertical-feet.   

 Note: "Old Fall River Road" is not usually open to cars until early-July; so, it has two-way bicycle traffic!  "Trail Ridge Road" is then next leg; after stopping at the Café at Trail Ridge, assuming it is 'open'.

 Alternate routes: "Trail Ridge Road" [U.S.34] is usually open by late-May; so, we may choose to ride up to the "Rock Cut" area; then, back to "Fall River Road"/ 35-miler with 4260-vertical-feet [].

 Or, ; or, to Alpine Visitor Center / 43-miler with 5360-vertical-feet [].

 RMNP road conditions report... 970-586-1222.

 Article on cycling Trail Ridge Road

 Photos: "Trail Ridge Road," near "Rock Cut," mid-Spring;

and, (below) "Old Fall River Road" switchback.

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