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Seasonal Monthly Ride, and Dinner Social

  • 08/23/2018
  • 5:30 PM
  • "Trails at Timberline," 2451 S Timberline Road, club house area, Fort Collins 80525



Seasonal Monthly Ride/Dinner Social

 Briefing at 5:30 PM; depart shortly afterward

Location:  "The Trails at Timberline," 2451 S Timberline Road, club house, Fort Collins 80525; from Trail Drive, follow signs to the apartment complex club house


 C/●_Green_Circle/Eased pace 14-miler with 250-vertical-feet, clockwise: ... Power Trail, path; ... Spring Creek Trail, path; Mason Trail, path; ... Poudre Trail, path; ...  /,

 Ride Leader: (Volunteer needed); or, 

 B/■_Blue_Square/Moderated pace 23-miler with 470-vertical-feet, east, clockwise: ... Vine Drive; ... County Road 1; ... County Road 3_F.../,

 A/♦_Black_Diamond/Advanced pace 27-miler with 560-vertical-feet, east, clockwise: ... Vine Drive; ... Colorado 257; ... County Road 3_F; .../ 


 Afterward, some of us will be staying for a post-ride dinner.  Even if we are not bike-riding, perhaps because of rain or heat, or because of time or other condition; you are welcome to the dinner-social; so, come for that, anyway.

 Bob and Meg Jeffrey have reserved the kitchen and dining area of the clubhouse for our use. They are to be providing potato salad; fruit salad; craft beer; and, grilling hamburgers and veggie-burgers on the apartment-complex clubhouse grills. 

 Five-dollars, minimum, for our food and drinks is expected from each one who shares. 

 If you are going to swim or hot-tub after the ride; bring your swim suit. 
 Ride Starter: Martin Ditzel.   

 Ride Leaders: to be arranged.

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