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September 2022 Board Meeting Summary

  • 10/04/2022 2:05 PM
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    Fort Collins Cycling Club ‐ Meeting Minutes

    Hunan Fort Collins

    28 September 2022

    The board called in Linda at 6:09pm

    Motion to start meeting at 6:13


    Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

    • June Board Meeting

      • Linda motions to approve - all in favor

    Financials and Membership Count


    • 245 Active members. 251 total but some are overdue or lapsed. 

    • Membership was closer to 270 earlier in the year but people have been drifting away over the summer.

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    • Checking: $3131.13

    • CD 1 $2181.71

    • CD 2 $2095.62

      • Counts taken at end of august

    • Linda to investigate interest rates and see how we can take advantage of rising interest rates. Email to come.

    • Budget – what are our expenses, needs vs wants, will the board decide to raise dues.

      • Highlight benefits the members get when discussing raising dues.

      • Dues no longer completely cover club costs.

      • Proposed new dues:

        • Individual Membership cost - was $15 - raise to $25

        • Family Membership cost - was $25 - raise to $40

    • Linda to project income with new dues.

    Unfinished Business

    • Jersey Sale

      • 2 Jerseys available to sell - They are Womens Medium and Mens Large

      • 2 were already sold

      • Cost to purchase is $70 per jersey

      • Bill to make facebook post about jerseys for sale

    • Bike to Work Day - June 22, 2022 from 6:30-9:30 a.m

      • Event report – The event went well, lots of good outreach, passed out business cards – The club needs better swag to hand out and more visible banners. It was hard to track the impact this event had on membership - maybe track info next year with a signup list.

      • Stephen's discussion template was great. 1. Ask if they have heard of our club, 2. Talk about benefits, 3. Cost, 4. Explain the ride levels A-D

    • Camping Trip - August 13, Estes Park

      • Event report – Tracy indicates the board needs to inform club members about the event sooner. People seem surprised about the event and need more notice. 

        • Better promotion needed! Email notices must be sent earlier and more often.

        • Only 3 members attended a single ride. No meals or other rides occurred. 

        • Campsite issues - no campsite results in lacking a sense of community. A group campsite could help but the logistics are hard.

        • “Glamping” with cabins/restrooms/electricity vs. more rugged camping with port-a-potties and tents in a field. Which would the club be more interested in? Can the board find a ‘best of both worlds’ location?

        • No sense of community, needed a group campsite or something but those need 

        • The board needs to choose a location for this event soon

      • Tracy to find camping options before the next meeting when the board will decide.

      • Discussion about camping in tents with nothing but bathroom vs places with showers, electricity. More people may be inclined to do the more comfortable camping. Maybe we can find best of both worlds?

    • Wanda’s Ride September 10th

      • Event Report - Weather was terrible and it was a cold and wet morning.

      • Around 25-30 people registered, 3-5 rode in the rain, 17 people showed up for lunch. 

      • Raised $1224 (Tallied by Charles) for Wanda to pay for her power unit added to her handcycle. 

      • Consider adding a “rain date” in the future would be a good call. Marty suggests hosting the event in aug instead of sept. CB Potts will book it sooner the better. Late august or final weekend in July.

      • Trek -  hard to work with at first, contact was quitting. Alex ended up helping Tracy. In the end they followed through with their commitments.

      • CB Potts – Tracy had a great experience with them for trying to get this event going. 

      • Fliers need to be put up earlier - 1-2 months before the event.

      • Charles to go back and find out how much we raised this year.

      • The club got a discount on the food but there was only a burger and potato salad available.

    • Social Dinner/Brunch Hosts

      • October 9th Sunday - Brunch: Michael Six 

      • Marty to speak with Michael Six about hosting and having a rain date to account for weather.

      • Bill to send an Email to promote brunch.

    • 2022 Christmas Party 

      • Coopersmith’s is unavailable - poolside is closed + for lease.

      • New options:

        • Sundance line dancing on Dec 10th

          • Lots of food available, if we start at 5pm they give lessons and have a band playing. Cash bar available. Menu limited and new. Around $40 per person. Private room option.


    • Summit bowling alley Dec 10th in Windsor

      • Large facility, 8 lanes held for the club, can host over 50 people. Alcohol available.

      • There is some confusion about pricing and inclusion of bowling. More investigation needed.

      • No private rooms available.

      • Options from $40-$68 per person. Does it include bowling?

      • The club would give an estimate based on the number of attendees, and then pay half of that to reserve the facility.

    • Ice skating rink. Outdoor event.

    • Trailhead 

    • All the board is leaning towards Bowling – food will be $35-$40. 

    • See if we can separate the cost for price and bowling, 30 for dinner, extra 10 for bowling?

    • Linda motions to investigate summit options closer. - All in agreement.

    • Tracy to cancel Sundance reservation and contact Summit Bowling for more details.


    New Business

    • 2022 Ride Season Recap meeting

      • Topics of discussion: Start Locations, Routes, Start Times, “Is it worth continuing the C rides?”

      • Feedback meetings in November?

      • Bill to host the meetings in Nov after ride season is over. 

        • 2 separate meetings, one for D rides and one for ABC rides.


    • Ride Leaders/Sweepers – still a problem that needs to be solved.

      • Recruiting and Training needed

      • D-ride leaders report it being hard to navigate the group and too many distractions. More training and recruiting is needed for D rides.

      • Reiterate that all riders need to be accountable for their own rides, and need to be able to get back on their own. Emphasis on individual communication.

      • Train sweepers to maintain the minimum pace. It's not their job to ride as slow as the slowest person, if a rider cant keep the pace, Sweepers need to be equipped with words to say to them. They need to find their way home.


    Tracy motions to end the meeting – high fives around.

    Updates/Items from the Floor

    Upcoming Meetings

    • Board Meeting 6:00 PM Wednesday, October 19 at Hunan

    • Member Meeting 6:30 PM Wednesday, October 26 at CB & Potts

    • Board Meeting 6:00 PM Wednesday, November 16 at Hunan

    • Member Meeting 6:30 PM Wednesday, November 30 at CB& & Potts

    • Board Meeting 6:00 PM Wednesday, January 18 at Hunan

    • Member Meeting 6:30 PM Wednesday, January 25 at CB& & Potts

    • Board Meeting 6:00 PM Wednesday, February 15 at Hunan

    • Member Meeting 6:30 PM Wednesday, February 22 at CB& & Potts

    • Board Meeting 6:00 PM Wednesday, March 22 at Hunan

    • Member Meeting 6:30 PM Wednesday, March 29 at CB& & Potts

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