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March 2024 Newsletter

  • 04/02/2024 11:11 AM
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    March 2024 Newsletter

    Key Links and Contacts

    For everyone's convenience, here are links to key club resources on the website:

    March 2024 Membership Meeting

    Mark your calendar! Our March 2024 membership meeting is scheduled:

    Date and Time:  Tuesday March 26th 2024, 7:00-8:30 PM (arrive between 6:30 and 7:00 for socializing and dinner)

    Location:  CB & Potts Restaurant and Brewery clubhouse meeting room, 1441 E. Horsetooth Rd, Fort Collins

    Tentative Agenda:

    • Guest speaker TBD.
    • Event training ride update.
    • Update on the Estes Park camping weekend August 16-18.
    • Potential FCCC kit order.
    • Ride Leader Program update.

    The next member meeting is scheduled for April 23rd.  Location will be CB & Potts.  Member meetings will resume in the fall.

    Ride Schedule Updates

    Saturday and Sunday club rides are now starting at Trek Bikes Harmony location.  The event calendar is in the process of being updated to reflect this.  Remember to check the event calendar regularly as ride days, times, and start locations may change due to weather or other considerations.  And as a reminder, Trek is now offering to FCCC members 10% off accessories, parts, and service.  Discounts on bikes may be available based on model, year, and other factors; they will work with individual members to cut the best possible deal.  

    Weekday rides will move to 5pm departures starting March 12th!  Weather permitting we will resume Tuesday rides from Harmony Market Shopping Center (with apres bike gatherings at Grey Rock and Thursday rides starting from rotating locations.  Be sure to check the Events page on the website for the latest updates.

    Finally, keep an eye out for ad hoc club member ride announcements on Band and Facebook!  And if the day is nice and you are looking for friends to ride with, by all means use those resources to create ad hoc ride announcements of your own!

    Event Update and Training Rides

    Information regarding major 2024 FCCC club and non-club events of interest is posted in the key links above.  If you are considering attending any of these, we have a google docs sign up sheet to facilitate the organization of training rides and logistics for those interested.

    At the February members meeting, there was interest in "elevation gain" training rides for those planning to do big climbing rides like the Triple Bypass, Ride the Rockies, and the Copper Triangle.  We will begin offering climbing rides very soon weather permitting; stay tuned for more information.

    Estes Park Camping and Ride 2024

    Our annual Hermit Park camping trip is set for August 16-18.  We have booked five campsites in a group so participants can hang out before and after rides! These sites can be shared by two groups who can split the cost however they want.  Registration is open on the event web page (below), and cost is $127 including two nights and two vehicles.  Once all five sites are booked, reach out to the board to inquire about potential additional availability.

    Ride Leader Initiative Update

    We have 15 people signed up for the ride leader initiative and have set up a communications forum.  Next steps are organizing some ride leader best practice sharing and training.  We'll start with pre ride briefings for ride leaders this coming week, and will have a more complete update at the March member meeting.

    If you are interested in being a ride leader but haven't already signed up, please send an email to the Board with your name, ride level(s), preferred days (M-F, Saturday, Sunday, etc.) phone, and email so you can be added to the alias.  Thanks!

    2024 FCCC Kit Order

    After a couple of years off, the Board is putting together a club kit order.  Kits will look very similar to the most recent club kits, but will not have any sponsor logos.  We're working out details of design, pricing, fitting, and ordering process and expect to have an update at the March member meeting.  If you think you will be ordering club kit(s) this year, please let the Board know asap (no obligation) to help us estimate quantities for pricing purposes.

    Social Events - Call for Volunteer Hosts

    Reminder!  If you are interested in hosting a social event or ride combined with social event, please reach out to the Board for more information. 

    Tips - Getting Ready for Spring

    With Spring and all that great riding just around the corner, now is a great time to get your trusty steed cleaned up, tuned up, and ready to go!  Here is a simple checklist to help get you rolling:

    • Check your tires for wear, cuts, abrasions, and bulges.  Any of these represent a safety concern (ask anyone who has experienced a flat on a descent).  If in doubt, replace them.
    • If you have tubeless tires, add an ounce of sealant to each tire and go for a ride to spread it around.
    • Clean your drivetrain thoroughly.  No need to use degreasers unless things are really gunked up.  A good general bike cleaner like Muc-Off or Finish Line works just fine.  It's good to get a set of brushes from your bike shop to scrub a bit.  Make sure you get the derailleurs and pulley wheels too!  When done, apply chain lube or wax as you prefer.
    • Check your chain for stretch.  Chain stretch causes wear on cassettes and chainrings to the point that they require replacing.  If you don't have a chain checker, measure your chain with a ruler.  Measure 12 inches on the chain.  A new one will have pins exactly 12 inches apart.  If they are more than 12 inches apart, replace the chain if the measurement exceeds
      • 11 or 12 speed chains -  12 1/16"
      • 10 speed or less - 12 3/32"
      • Single speed - 12 1/8"
    • Check the contents of your saddle bag to make sure the tools you think are in there still are.  And if you are carrying a spare tube, inspect it to make sure it hasn't been damaged by rubbing or pinching inside the bag over the prior season of riding.
    • If you aren't a brake mechanic, have them checked at your local bike shop.  Disc brakes in particular should be inspected for wear, and it's not obvious from looking at them.
    • Don't forget your shoes!  Most road shoes require new cleats periodically.  Best not to find out yours are worn out on the road somewhere!

    Finally, now that it's getting warmer and we're doing longer rides, remember to bring plenty of water and snacks to keep your hydration and nutrition where they need to be!

    Ride On!

    Your FCCC Board of Directors

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